At Archway Products Ltd., we understand that mastering the Spray Injection Patching (SIP) process is key to achieving impressive, cost-effective, and environmentally friendly results. With over 30 years of experience in SIP for pothole repair and road maintenance, we've honed our processes and expertise to become industry thought leaders, and we're eager to share our knowledge with you.

Our training programs are tailor-made to suit your specific needs, ranging from basic instruction to advanced NVQ-level training. These sessions are designed to enhance the efficiency of the SIP process, empower operators, and bolster the technical knowledge of management teams. By participating in our training, your operators will maximise their efficiency, productivity, and role-specific knowledge. Furthermore, management-level training equips you to leverage the full array of resources that the Roadmaster® offers, including management reporting tools via our Centaur Lite data capture software and best-practice SIP calibration to reduce downtime and costs.

What sets our training apart is that it's developed in-house by the very designers of the Roadmaster®, including operators and engineers who use the machine daily. This ensures practicality and real-world applicability, translating into tangible results. With three decades of experience in refining and mastering Spray Injection Patching, we possess a wealth of knowledge ready to be shared.


This module provides a comprehensive introduction to operating the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher and serves as the initial stage of the Roadmaster® Competence Certification process. The module encompasses both hands-on practical training and theoretical instruction.

Throughout this module, trainees will gain a thorough understanding of best practices in operating the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher. This includes proficiency in material usage, prioritising health and safety considerations, and mastering effective patching techniques. To ensure proficiency and continuous improvement, trainees are encouraged to use the machine daily after completing the training, allowing them to practice their patching techniques and enhance both the quality of their work and overall productivity.


  • A valid E+C License (clean record)
  • CPC Card
  • Basic mechanical aptitude for minor maintenance tasks
  • Basic IT skills


This 5-day module serves as a refresher course for operators of the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher and constitutes Stage Two of the Roadmaster® Competence Certification process. The primary objective of this module is to reinforce the knowledge and skills acquired during Stage One, Operator Induction. 

During this training, the emphasis is on ensuring that trainees are consistently applying best practices in patching techniques. The goal is to enable operators to use the Roadmaster® effectively and efficiently in their day-to-day tasks. 

Additionally, this module provides essential training on basic maintenance and troubleshooting procedures for the Roadmaster®. It equips operators with the knowledge required to conduct routine maintenance tasks effectively and safely. This comprehensive course includes both hands-on practical exercises and theoretical components.


This 3-day module is designed to ensure that trainees excel in applying best practices across all aspects of operating the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher. It serves the dual purpose of assessing their competency in readiness for their formal NVQ assessment and qualification. 

This training module provides an opportunity for trainees to fine-tune their skills on the machine and address any potential gaps in their learning to date. Throughout this module, a thorough assessment of trainees' Roadmaster® operation is conducted to ensure the consistent application of best practices in patching techniques. This includes a focus on adhering to health and safety protocols and optimising material usage.


This 3-day Level 2 NVQ Diploma awards recognised C skills. Trainees are assessed for competence in using the Roadmaster® Spray Injection Patcher (SIP) and Health & Safety aspects. This practical assessment enhances their skills and evaluates Roadmaster® machine operation competency. This results-oriented training has led to reported daily cost savings of over 10%, coupled with improved quality and reduced failure rates



We are thrilled to announce our recent appointment to the LASNTG training framework as providers of Velocity Patching training for our valued customers in the Republic of Ireland. Within the LASNTG, we present two comprehensive courses: Velocity Patcher Operation and Velocity Patcher Operation - Refresher. It's important to note that this training focuses on the Spray Injection Patching process and is not specific to any particular machine.

We firmly believe that, in the hands of a proficiently trained operator, any Spray Injection Patching machine can play a significant role in enhancing road safety for all users.

For those interested in securing a spot in the course, we encourage you to reach out directly to the LASNTG or get in touch with the training coordinator in your respective Local Authority. 

Download LASNTG Brochure