Stretching the Budget
8 budget stretching reasons for Local Authorities to use a Roadmaster SIP machine

Making every Euro count is something that we are all trying to do right now. The “cost of living crisis” dominates daily news and everyone is feeling the pinch. Stretching the budget must be the order of the day, and city and county councils are no different. At Archway Products we are more delighted than ever to be hearing from many of our customers across the country’s roads departments that they are finding that their Roadmaster® helps them to get the most bang for their buck when it comes to maintaining their roads. 

Here are 8 budget stretching reasons why the Roadmaster® Pothole Repair machine is the most in demand road maintenance machine in the country right now: 

  1. One engine to power them all! If you will excuse the poetic license on a Tolkien quote! The point however remains, the Roadmaster has one engine that powers both the chasis and the Roadmaster equipment. One engine means one source of fuel consumption. This simple innovation stretches the euro on every job.
  2. Fewer support vehicles are needed as everything can be controlled from the cab and all materials carried in the Roadmaster . Less vehicles, less fuel, less costs!
  3. Lower vehicle related costs are incurred too. Using less vehicles on every job reduces maintenance, wear and tear, driver wages and insurance costs. 
  4. The Roadmaster does not excavate, this means no waste is produced. No waste leads to no haulage of waste material and no costs to responsibly disposing of the waste.
  5. Did you know that the Roadmaster is HVO fuel compatible? HVO fuel is hugely carbon efficient and with rising costs of traditional fuel is fast gaining traction as a viable alternative. Watch this space for some exciting updates.
  6. Extends the life of the road. The Roadmaster not only repairs, but also prevents road defects. If the defects do not’ occur, there is no cost to repair.
  7. Repairs are quicker making every Operator more productive every day!
  8. A resource there when you need it! Having a Roadmaster in your fleet, which is available where and when you need it allows you to be proactive in your road maintenance programme. The machine covers up to 280㎡ per day, and with a winter kit, can work all year round. The productivity of a single machine is second to none, and it is not unusual for a Roadmaster to have a lifespan of up to 20 years (there are some even older still in active use across the country). Consider the return on investment on a 20-year-old Roadmaster .
Patch Now, or Pay Later
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